Glamis Dunes Storage Services

One of the best features of Glamis Dunes Storage is the location. It is also one of the hardest obstacles to overcome. We are located at the dunes, where you play! NO water pipes, NO sewer lines, NO electricity, NO telephone. It is more like running a business from a campsite compared to the city. So all of your water and waste we collect has to be trucked in and out.

gds7Glamis Dunes Storage Services Are For Tenants Only

  • Fresh Drinking Water
  • Multiple Dump Stations
  • RV and Trailer Maintenance
  • RV and Trailer Parts and Services
  • RV Dump
  • Fuel 91
  • Propane
  • Race Fuel

Other Services Available:

  • Campsite Delivery/Pickup
  • Glamis Flats
  • Washes 1-5 @ $75.00 (Each Way)
  • Washes 6-10 @ $85.00 (Each Way)
  • Gecko Road @ $150.00
  • Owner/Representative must be present for drop off (BLM requirement)

Rv Prep Services @ $60.00

  • Water Fill
  • Gas Fill (Additional Fees)
  • Propane Fill (Additional Fees)
  • Turn Fridge On
  • Dump on Request tenants only
  • Ready for Pick-Up
  • Battery Charge on Request (call for price)
  • Cleaning of Trailer/RV (Interior or Exterior) (Price Based on Size and Condition) (Additional Fees)

*Water and Dump Station will be available after hours, ONLY DURING HOLIDAYS